Total DramaRama

Spin-off of Total Drama (2007), with the characters we love, plus Jude from 6Teen (2004), as kids.

Genre: Animation , Comedy

Director: Tom McGillis , Jennifer Pertsch

Country: Canada

Duration: 11 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 0

Season 1 - Total DramaRama
"When Owen hides a walkie talkie inside his chili dog, Harold believes it's an alien here to destroy Earth."
"When Chef is happy he orders pizza for the kids, Owen & Jude get the idea to create a fake secret admirer for Chef."
"Courtney refuses to share her valuable collectors-item toy with her classmates."
"Owen and Beth try to save an ant hill that Courtney and Leshawna want to destroy."
"After seeing Leshawna enjoying a sick day at home with ice cream and TV, Duncan convinces the other kids to try and get sick too."
"After Owen gets ripped off at the ice cream truck, the kids unite to right that wrong."