Bondi Rescue

Harry loses his cool with 3 swimmers that he's forced to rescue just seconds after warning them not to swim in a dangerous area. However, calling them "imbeciles" and "idiots" puts him in hot water.

Genre: Drama , Reality

Country: Australia

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2006

IMDb: 7.5

Season 8 - Bondi Rescue
"Santa comes to Bondi and he's brought the South Pole with him. It is the wettest Christmas day in seventy two years. Meanwhile, a seizure on the sand turns pear-shaped."
"It's New Year's Day and in the afternoon the crowd peaks at over 40,000 people keen to wash away the hangover, but then every swimmer's greatest fear - a shark is spotted."
"Jessie meets his match when he tries to rescue a vicious rat from the skate bowl, and the lifeguards play detective after a punch-up in the surf."
"Hoppo, Deano, Maxi, Jesse and Kerrbox travel to South Australia to cage dive with sharks. Meanwhile, in Bronte the lifeguards must recover the body of a young man found dead in the surf."
"Chappo is conflicted when he catches a young bag snatcher; Whippet and Reidy treat a woman found face down and unconscious in the water; a skateboarder dislocates his ankle in the skate bowl."
Season 9 - Bondi Rescue
"Tonight, we get an inside look at the quest to find a young man that went missing off Bondi Beach in November, marking the first Bondi drowning in nearly a decade."
"Witness the biggest mass rescue in years as the lifeguards are stretched to their limits. Overwhelmed, Hoppo makes the momentous decision to sound the shark alarm to clear the water and close the beach."
"For the first time ever, the lifeguards treat a teenager suffering anaphylactic shock. Meanwhile, an injury in the skate bowl sees Jesse invent a new rescue technique - the human ladder."
"A man dislocates his shoulder in the water and attempts to pop it back in himself. Meanwhile, a local beachgoer commandeers lifeguard equipment as he races to save a man in serious trouble."
"Hundreds of Dutch tourists hit Bondi for a New Year's swim and to the amazement of the lifeguards, they run straight in to backpackers rip. It is going to be a busy day for our boys."
"After more than a few ups and downs, Taco's traineeship is coming to an end and he goes all out on his last shift to impress big boss Hoppo. But his plans turn upside down when he flips the jet ski."
"A little girl goes missing at the north end of Bondi; a young boy's birthday is anything but a celebration when he suffers a spinal injury; Whippet, Harries and Deano bring their new bubs to the beach."
"Lifeguards investigate an incident where someone falls off the cliff but the question is: why did he fall?"
"Gonzo and Whippet spot a man doubled over in the sand and the team races to his aid."
"Bondi's young guns race to two mass rescues, but the odds are stacked against them as the swimmers in trouble outnumber the boys in blue."
"Lifeguards focus their security camera on a man assaulting women in the surf. Police are called to the scene but can they get there before the perpetrator gets away?"
"Nicola faces another challenge in the form of a sinking boat off Bondi. Meanwhile, the lifeguards play a prank on Harrison when they recruit international football superstar Alessandro Del Piero."
Season 10 - Bondi Rescue
"A miscommunication between lifeguards leads to panic as they search for a swimmer lost in the surf. Plus, lifeguards sound the alarm and clear thousands of frantic swimmers from shark infested water."
"When Matt Dee is on the beach, the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright weird take place. Plus, a woman is found lifeless between the flags, not breathing and without a pulse."
"First-year trainee Jethro James is a 19-year-old surfer from nearby Clovelly. The deep-thinker has a cheeky side but don't be fooled: he is serious about his lifeguarding career."
"Tonight, Chappo rushes in for a life and death rescue in the monster swells but things don't go as planned."
"It's Christmas time tonight on Bondi Rescue but the festive spirit turns deadly with a nasty combination of alcohol and surf."
"A man is dragged unconscious from the water and without a pulse. Reidy and Beardy attach the defibrillator and oxygen mask and begin resuscitation. Can the boys bring him back?"
"At the south end of the beach, a man screams in pain when he dislocates his hip. The lifeguards are taken by surprise when the man's friend then has a seizure just metres away, but not everything is as it seems."
"A dramatic fight breaks out when a man confronts a photographer taking pictures of his topless girlfriend. Meanwhile, Deano performs a mass rescue for a group not taking their situation seriously."
"The boys and girl in blue are convinced they have seen it all. But when a man waddles to the tower tonight with a horrendous dog bite on his manhood, the Bondi lifeguards cannot believe their eyes."
"A cyclonic swell hits Bondi Beach with 12 foot waves sucking beachgoers out to sea. It is Harries' most challenging rescue of the season as he and his patient are slammed repeatedly into the rocks."
"An inexperienced surfer is sucked into a vortex. Yatesy paddles into 10 foot swell for a rescue that doesn't go to plan, finding himself washed up on the rocks with his patient nowhere to be seen."
"Double Episode 12+13: Tonight's season finale is a double episode jam-packed with adrenaline, laughs and tears as the season ends on a personal note for the lifeguards."
Season 11 - Bondi Rescue
"In the 11th season of the hit reality series, the boys and girl in blue, encounter bag thieves, street hoodlums, drug abuse and alcohol. They deal with sharks, resuscitations, cuts, broken bones, and thousands of rescues. For a few lifeguards, this is a first-time experience."
"A tornado hits Bondi, but that doesn't stop a group of tourists hitting the beach and getting in serious danger. Plus, Glick offers some sage advise to Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull."
"During the festive season, Bondi swells with international visitors. Swapping snowflakes for sunscreen, many of them are unaware that lifeguards do not patrol the beach after 7pm."
"The sun is out, the waves are high and the crowds have descended on the world's most famous beach. A local Bondi surf photographer helps lifeguards save a Nepalese tourist, but the battle to keep him alive continues on the sand. During a search for a missing man, lifeguards spot a swimmer being held underwater by another man, who has panicked and is fighting for his life. It is operation jewellery rescue as the lifeguards search for a missing wedding ring."
"Bondi's chiselled lifeguards get a run for their money when all-male-revue, Manpower Australia, make a surprise visit. A colourful Bondi local is found face down, unresponsive in the sand. Singlets races to a rescue in the buggy, but flocks of seagulls block the way, and he gets a surprise passenger."
Season 12 - Bondi Rescue
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Season 13 - Bondi Rescue
"Jessie rescues an American tourist from relatively calm waters, which results in a CPR effort from not just the lifeguards, but also paramedics and the Jewish Medical Response team."
"The lifeguards take the beach buggy into the streets as they chase down an aggressive beachgoer wielding a knife."
"When monster waves lash Bondi, new team members Boo and trainee Lachie must tackle the dangerous conditions to complete a mass rescue."
"The summer holidays bring locals and holidaymakers down to Bondi in their thousands, including a whole family of inexperienced swimmers who find themselves in trouble."
"Jethro is faced with the most challenging rescue of his career and the Lifeguards suddenly become the ones in danger when the 4WD buggy is swamped by waves."
"A Flash rip puts the team on high alert. Tommy receives some bad news. In the throes of massive swell and unpredictable weather, the Bondi lifeguards push each other to their limits in the annual lifeguard challenge."
"Jules and the team are on high alert when a swimmer\u2019s quick dip results in a possible spinal injury, and the lifeguards farewell a much-loved member of the squad."
"A miscommunication during a serious rescue could cost two people their lives. Mouse and Jess must overcome their anxiety and administer adrenaline to a young woman suffering from an allergic reaction."
Season 14 - Bondi Rescue
"With guest Gyton Grantley, plus guest host Fifi Box, and stories on switching off phobias, the author whose plot is echoed in a new blockbuster, supermarket milk prices, and Ukraine surrogacy."
"Lifeguards must rescue a surfer being smashed against cliffs in huge seas. The Jet Ski can\u2019t get close enough, and a rescue board would be deadly. Can Bacon and Whippet save the surfer?"
"It\u2019s been a long hot summer and as Bondi swells with beach lovers, the lifeguards feel the pressure with unpredictable events testing the boys and girls in blue."