Filthy Rich - Season 1 Episode 13

Three illegitimate children discover they each have a claim to the fortune of one of NZ's wealthiest men, John Truebridge. With so much money on the line, John's legitimate family will do anything to stop these new, unexpected heirs!

Genre: Drama

Director: Gavin Strawhan , Rachel Lang

Country: New Zealand

Episode: 13/31 eps

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - Filthy Rich
"The Beck clan learns that in order to secure their inheritance from the late Big Guy, they have to live with his illegitimate son, Wild Bill Westchester."
"After losing her husband, Brady Truebridge is left to deal with his three illegitimate children. But as she sets out to kill with kindness, John Jr sets his sights on a new conquest."
"The drama continues as John Jnr has a change of tactic and plays nice to win over Joe, but Brady plays dirty, with devastating consequences for Savannah's mum Lorna."
"Savannah is desperate to help her mum, but angers a powerful enemy in the process. Brady suspects treachery and sets a trap for a blackmailer, and John Jnr tempts Joe with secrets and vice."
"Revelations force Brady to rethink her husband\u2019s death and Joe regrets his indecent actions from the night before. But as more details unfold, he could be one step closer to finding his birth mother."
"John Jnr is playing a double game and seeks out his notorious mother Vivian. Savannah\u2019s boardroom triumph is quickly undercut and Brady sends Cherry on an indecent mission."
"Vader worries for Savannah as she starts to put a deadly plan in motion. Vivian confronts Nancy over the secret of Joe\u2019s past."
"Vader deflects his feelings for Savannah, as Joe gets shock news about his mother. Kennedy's night out leads her into danger."
"Joe's life spirals out of control and he takes refuge with John Jnr. Savannah returns to the club to hand over more cash to Karl, but a confrontation has dangerous consequences."
"Vader helps Savannah cover her tracks, as Brady gets a message from beyond the grave. Joe realises he's made a deal with the devil."
"Brady is in over her head as the evidence stacks up against her. Meanwhile, Joe takes drastic action to break free from John Jnr."
"John Jnr sets his sights on a new target and Savannah pieces together the clues to discover who framed Brady."
"Brady discovers John Snr may have more hidden secrets and Grace reveals her true feelings to a shocked Kennedy. Joe makes a play for power that lands him in bed with a new temptress."
"Joe continues his love affair while John Jnr comforts a distraught Arianna. Evidence emerges about Karls death that will have devastating consequences..."
"Savannah heads to the police station to confess; Joe realises that he and Annabelle might have a stalker; and a blast from Vader's past threatens to out his true identity."
"Brady tries to pull Savannah back from the dark side as she continues her path of self-destruction. John Jnr pulls out all the stops to seduce Arianna."
"Savannah continues on her path of self-destruction as Brady enlists the help of Fisher to save her. Joe receives a bombshell from Toni; and John Jnr may finally have his wicked way with Arianna."
"Joe and John Jnr face off over Ariana, as Joe gets unexpected news. Kennedy's entrapment plot comes disastrously unstuck."
"Joe tries to win back Arianna as John Jnr makes an extreme proposal. Brady and John Jnr form a new alliance but treachery in the boardroom has shocking consequences."
"Brady uncovers information that sends shockwaves throughout the family. The truth about John Truebridge Snr's death is revealed, and one life is left hanging in the balance."
Season 2 - Filthy Rich
"New Season. Vader vows to avenge Savannah, as Brady hits the comeback trail. John Jnr uses blackmail to his advantage, as Joe's loyalties are tested."
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